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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimizing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) means ranking your webpage at the top of the list for the sake of more visits.

Whenever a website is created, it has a purpose to meet. The motive could be E-commerce, Blog writing, Socializing, etc.

People of the liberal world want the attention of the surrounding. It is like posting a picture on social media and then waiting for viewers to like it.

The same statement holds true for a web developer or a marketer. Their thirst to rank #1 and getting traffic on their website(s) is never-ending.

SEO Services

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO can help to get organic traffic on the website. WordPress is not just friendly to design attractive web pages and deploy, but it is SEO friendly too.

As per experts, WordPress has some algorithms that generate the source code in a way that helps the webpage to rank better. This property of WordPress gets the attention of novice bloggers. So, they can reach the targeted audience to let them know what their business is striving for.

Right SEO Strategy hits more new inbounders. A single visit to the website means a lot because it can engage visitors in a permanent relationship with the brand.

Below are 4 Best WordPress SEO strategies from the top SEO firm of New York. These strategies can help you rank up among other competitors.

Linking of Trustworthy Websites

SEO demands to respect search engine rules. One of the fundamental SEO techniques is to add links of well-known websites in your blog posts and landing page articles.

Each page of your site has a page-authority. Search engines trust the reputed websites and trust you because of

A good example would be a website that publishes written tutorials about electronics. If anything is undescribable with text or images, adding a reference video link from pings the search engine to rank the website.

Tags and Categories

The structure of the website is significantly important. The neatness of content distribution attracts the reader.

Through tags and category property of WordPress SEO, the search engine can easily recognize your website's segmentation.

The tags index your page and help the search engine to show at the top of the list.


The Comment Section is turning out to be an emerging SEO approach. Developers add this section in their websites to showcase the visitors ' and consumers’ feedback history.

It is useful to demonstrate your work done, and it works as a source of getting tags in the form of comments.

Consumers and Visitors of different traits post comments about their feedback and FAQs.

Readable URLs

Readable URLs work for both readers and search engines to guess what your content is about before visiting your site.

From a non-SEO point of view, example # 1 engages the reader to click on this link because it makes sense to humans.

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